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Why is there conventional wisdom that instant communications and social status updates don’t belong in the inbox? I think that is a bogus, dogmatic belief. The other day I need to communicate with one of our off-site offices to ask a quick question. I used IM because that person was online. But what if they were not? Instead of having to open up my email client (or clicking on the task bar to maximize it) then type a ‘To’ address of the person I was trying to communicate with to ask the question, formulate a message, hit ‘Send’ and wait for a reply. Why couldn’t I just type and IM and have it broadcast to their IM client, email client or enterprise social profile page wall? When the reply on anyone of those forums I would receive a reply to all three of my corporate communications clients. Send of that email there is the possibility of having it lost in a river of emails that may not get a reply for hours or days. IM requires person to be present so see the message immediately and to promptly answer the question. However, IM can become just as asynchronous as email so why not combine the two? Wait a minute, what if I combine the best of what email, chat and messaging has to offer in a unified interface to facilitate efficient asynchronous communications across the enterprise? Oh that’s right, it was Google Wave and its dead now. Google, if a I could figure out this use case from my everyday corporate communications interactions then why the FUCK couldn’t you?

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