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A Blossoming Love Affair with Twitter

Shhh!  Don’t tell Google Buzz but I’m starting to dig Twitter just a little more lately.  My moment of epiphany came the other night when I was looking at Mad Men.   Using the hashtag #MadMen I was part of a  live and interactive experience like nothing I’d experienced anywhere since Google Wave.  However, its still not the platform of choice for conversation.  For that I will continue to stick with Buzz.   But this realization has lead me to believe that there will be no Google Me and even if there is one that Facebook and Twitter have already won the social war.  It’s over. Sign the armistice and focus on building a superior platform for future services and technologies.  Google has Android, Media content and the enterprise in its future and these will be bigger game-changers.  I have come to accepted it and so should all the other fan-boys and girls out there (for which I am one of them).  In less time than it took for the fall of  Yahoo and Microsoft (ironically to Google) yet another disruptive players has appeared on the scene with the potential to eat its competitors lunch (that would be Facebook’s future assault on Google’s Ad business).  I am still in the Google camp, but as for the Google Social camp all hope is lost.  Social ain’t layers it’s the fabric and that I suspect Google will never get.

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